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  • optic — ÓPTIC, Ă, optice, ce s.f., adj. I. 1. s.f. Ramură a fizicii care se ocupă cu studierea naturii luminii, a emisiei şi absorbţiei ei, cu fenomenele legate de propagarea şi de interacţiunea ei cu diverse substanţe etc. ♦ Parte a fizicii care se… …   Dicționar Român

  • Optic — Op tic ([o^]p t[i^]k), Optical Op tic*al ([o^]p t[i^]*kal), a. [F. optique, Gr. optiko s; akin to o psis sight, o pwpa I have seen, o psomai I shall see, and to o sse the two eyes, o ps face, L. oculus eye. See {Ocular}, {Eye}, and cf. {Canopy},… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Optic — Op tic ([o^]p t[i^]k), n. [From {Optic}, a.] 1. The organ of sight; an eye. [1913 Webster] The difference is as great between The optics seeing, as the object seen. Pope. [1913 Webster] 2. An eyeglass. [Obs.] Herbert. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Optic — may mean: optic, a British term for a device for dispensing fixed amounts of alcoholic spirits Optics, the study of the behavior and properties of light An optical element or component, such as a lens, prism, or mirror This disambiguation page… …   Wikipedia

  • optic — (adj.) 1540s, from M.Fr. optique, obtique (c.1300), from M.L. opticus of sight or seeing, from Gk. optikos of or having to do with sight, from optos seen, visible, from op , root of opsesthai be going to see, related to ops eye, from PIE *okw to… …   Etymology dictionary

  • optic — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ relating to the eye or vision. ► NOUN 1) a lens or similar component in an optical instrument. 2) Brit. trademark a device fastened to the neck of an inverted bottle for measuring out spirits. ORIGIN Greek optikos, from optos seen …   English terms dictionary

  • optic — [äp′tik] adj. [MFr optique < ML opticus < Gr optikos < optos, seen < ōps,EYE] of the eye or sense of sight n. 1. an eye: a pretentiously humorous usage, generally in the pl. 2. a lens or an optical instrument …   English World dictionary

  • Optic® — /opˈtik/ noun A device attached to an inverted bottle for measuring alcoholic liquid dispensed …   Useful english dictionary

  • optic — adj. & n. adj. of or relating to the eye or vision (optic nerve). n. 1 a lens etc. in an optical instrument. 2 archaic or joc. the eye. 3 (Optic) Brit. propr. a device fastened to the neck of a bottle for measuring out spirits etc. Phrases and… …   Useful english dictionary

  • optic — op·tic äp tik adj 1 a) of or relating to vision <optic phenomena> b) dependent chiefly on vision for orientation <humans are basically optic animals> 2 a) of or relating to the eye: OCULAR b) affecting the eye or an optic structure… …   Medical dictionary

  • optic — I UK [ˈɒptɪk] / US [ˈɑptɪk] adjective biology relating to the eyes the optic nerve II UK [ˈɒptɪk] / US [ˈɑptɪk] Word forms optic : singular optic plural optics trademark British a piece of equipment fitted to a bottle and used for measuring out a …   English dictionary

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